Types of Customers


Field sales

Today, companies with field sales face increasing competition and, as a result, greater customer demands.

Has it ever happened to you that your long-time customer switched to a competitor? There are many reasons for this, and many of them can be solved with the GPS tracking system EasyTracker. In addition to keeping records of the visits of individual customers, the EasyTracker system also enables you to plan additional visits by customers and business partners more quickly.

With the introduction of GPS tracking, commercial workers will also soon become more productive, as they no longer need to worry about travel orders, the motor vehicle book, and can just plan their routes and future visits.

Food transport

Food transport
A food delivery shop faces the challenge of on-time and regular delivery and reducing fleet costs every day. With a greater share of unsupervised workers in the field and daily higher fleet costs, it is a real challenge to ensure orderly logistics and an equal distribution of work between drivers. The majority of small and medium-sized companies with their own food delivery, such as bakeries, food delivery to restaurants, selling vegetables in the field, are usually not even aware of the importance of organized logistics, which, in addition to lower operating costs, also results in greater customer satisfaction. Have you ever received a call from an unsatisfied customer who claimed that he did not receive the ordered goods or that the goods were too late?


Shipment delivery

Truck carriers and delivery companies have the majority of their costs with their vehicle fleet.

By knowing the current location of all vehicles, the dispatcher can pick up even more additional shipments even after the vehicle has left the company. Logisticians can further increase the utilization of trucks and workers on the basis of all collected data on routes traveled and stops.


Truck carriers

The EasyTracker system offers comprehensive and advanced solutions even for transport and distribution companies, thereby creating time savings and increasing efficiency.

For the purpose of tracking vehicles in international transport, automated remote transmission of tehographic data and data from the driver’s card is available. Through the standard FMS (Fleet Management System) protocol, we also enable the collection of all important parameters from the vehicle’s on-board computer, which means that you have an overview of the working hours of your drivers at any time, as well as monitor possible violations of traffic rules for driving too long and not enough rest and thus you avoid unnecessary penalties.

In order to avoid possible delivery delays, there is also two-way written communication between the dispatcher and the driver via a smartphone or tablet with the option of receiving and sending documents (CMR), pictures and videos (damages, dimensions of the load, etc.), which enables additional savings on the time and costs of communication abroad and enables the acceptance of even more additional shipments even after the vehicle has left the company.

Control over the opening of the cargo compartment door, identification of the driver in the vehicle and monitoring of the cargo temperature with warning are also available.


Security companies

The security service must have an organized dispatch center for quick action in the event of triggered alarms at protected business facilities. At the same time, he must take care of the safety of the vehicles and the cargo in them, which is not always an easy task. In addition to monitoring the current location of all vehicles and their status on the map, there is also the option to be notified of arrivals and departures from a predetermined area, as well as the ability to detect the location of opening the cargo compartment door.

For all vehicles and vehicles used for the transport of money, we enable the installation of a vehicle immobilization switch and a panic button, which further contributes to the safety of the vehicle and goods.

If necessary, each intervention trip made to the protected facility can be displayed on the map to the client along with the time of arrival. In this way, the security service demonstrates the high quality of its service and additionally confirms that all necessary measures have been taken in the event of an alarm being triggered.


Bus transportation

Bus companies have a great responsibility in ensuring timely rides in local and intercity traffic, transporting children or tourists to individual attractions.

For a better overview and improved work process, dispatchers can see the current location and speed of the bus on the map, monitor fuel level and consumption, engine speed, driving style, their status (moving or stationary) and traffic jams on the detailed map, and help the driver navigate to the destination.

In addition to data on driving hours by country, automatic output of diaries and travel orders, automatic warnings can be set in case of unauthorized movement or theft, too long a stop and speeding.

In the case of transporting children, parents can be granted temporary access to monitor the current location of the bus and calculate the expected arrival at a specific location.


Construction companies

We have also adapted the EasyTracker system for construction companies in such a way that, in addition to tracking in real time and kilometers traveled, the time of the actual work of the construction machinery (excavator, hiab, lifting platform, tipper, pear) can also be separately monitored after contact and actual work via accelerometer, external voltages and according to engine revolutions. By extending the actual hours of work, companies can more easily calculate the costs they had for each task or at each workplace.

There is also the option of identifying the machinist in the work machine for easier calculation of the machinist’s working hours (working time record) and damage determination.

In the event of disconnection of the battery, unauthorized movement, vibrations on the machine or leaving the area (wirefence), movement outside working hours, theft of the machine or parts of the machine, you are notified in time in the user interface, via SMS message or e-mail.



EasyTracker is a software solution to support all types of service activities, as it enables quick and easy insight into the current situation and past activities in the field. By using the EasyTracker system, you can get a better overview of the current location of vehicles, customer attendance, kilometers traveled in and out of working hours, and the amount of fuel used. There is also the option of identifying the driver in the vehicle for easier identification of damage events in connection with the vehicle (penalties, accidents, …) and on the vehicle (damage to the vehicle).

Companies can easily check when they last visited an individual customer and how long each visit lasted. There is also the option of setting up automatic planning of future visits and notification of regular and periodic services.